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A Bonding Experience

Using pet-safe essential oil products during bath time with your dog can provide some awesome aromatherapy and a win-win opportunity for a relaxing bonding experience! In addition to helping with anxiety and smelling great, aromatherapy products can help soothe and nourish your pet’s hair and skin while also aiding in the treatment of certain medical conditions or parasite infestations. Fragrances can be calming or revitalizing depending on their scent makeup, so picking a shampoo product with the most beneficial aroma for your dog’s nose is key to their best bath experience.

Although aromatherapy during bath time is full of positives for both you and your dog, it’s still critical to understand that some products and essential oils considered people-safe may be toxic for your pets. Nandalicious strives to only use essential oils and fragrances that help your pet without doing any harm, but other products on the market claiming to have aromatherapy properties should be avoided at all costs. Essential oils used by humans such as juniper wood, camphor, wintergreen, birch, and yarrow are considered potentially deadly when ingested or applied on canines. It’s also important to note that while some aromatic products may be safe for dogs, more sensitive animals like cats, rabbits, and birds could be adversely affected by certain essential oils. Please always do your research when using essential oils for pet aromatherapy and never apply undiluted products directly to the skin. The key to avoiding irritation is sparingly and caringly! But when used in dog-friendly shampoo formulations like Nandalicious Simmer-Down Lavender and Nourishing Desert Flower, aromatherapy can help calm even the most anxious pets and leave them smelling fresh, clean, and pristine.