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Best dog shampoo for allergies

One of the most common reasons people take their dog to see the vet is itching and scratching. Once in a while a good scratch is very normal, what dog doesn’t enjoy a good butt scratch?! Nonetheless when it becomes an everyday occurrence one might begin to suspect a problem is afoot.

Although fleas tend to be the most infamous for skin irritations and itching we also have to remind everyone that mosquitos don’t discriminate! Mosquitos target animals too, especially in warmer places such as Florida and Louisiana. In addition to biting your dog and making him very itchy, mosquitos can also carry diseases posing as a double threat to your pet!

Dogs can also itch because of the condition of their skin and coat. If it’s too oily it’ll itch, if it’s too dry it will also itch. Dogs don’t shower daily like we do, they don’t wear clothes either, so allergens may build up and make your dog very uncomfortable. This discomfort can prompt excessive scratching and this can cause your dog to hurt himself in the process.

If your dog is still itchy and you have ruled out critters as well as skin and coat conditions, your dog might have an allergy or medical skin condition. Time to go see the vet.

Once you rule out medical skin conditions and possible allergies there are a couple things you can do for your dog to help bring relief. Bathing your itchy dog is a good way to begin. Shampoos containing aloe, chamomile or oatmeal are typically good for dealing with itchiness.

Aloe, not only for sunburns anymore! Aloe aids in soothing allergic reactions by reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Chamomile is known for reducing swelling and it also has some anti-microbial properties that aid in healing skin irritations. Oatmeal is amazing for poison oak as well as poison ivy reactions. Oatmeal soothes the skin and can help alleviate symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. As a bonus oatmeal also softens your dogs’ coat!

Overall, if the reason for your beloved pet’s scratching isn’t tied to a health condition that needs to be specifically treated or monitored by a vet, our Nandalicious products may be the key to helping subdue your canine companion’s itchy butt. Wash away those allergens with the help of our chamomile, oatmeal and or aloe infused products without over-drying your dogs’ skin and fur of its needed natural oils.